How Demons Enter
How Demons Enter

There are so many ways to open the door for the enemy to enter, but here we are going to outline some of the most common ways the devil gains entry.

One of the first ways demons can enter is by inheriting  them from previous generations. Sins committed by your ancestors, and  the demons that entered them, can be transferred down the family line to you. You can read more about this in Pastor Victor’s sermon.

If you have ever been involved in the occult, or participated in rituals from other religions, this is another obvious way for demons to enter. Even innocent child games such as playing with Ouija boards or playing Bloody Mary can allow demons to enter you as a child, and they may stay there into adulthood.

Committing willful acts of sin can most certainly invite the enemy in.  All of us sin every single day, but if you continue to commit the same acts over and over willfully, you not only rebel against the word of God, but give full right to the enemy to have his way with you.

Addictions may not only be physical or mental, they can also be caused by demonic influence. At times, not just willing it to go away is enough to get rid of an addiction, especially when tormented by demons to continue to commit sinful acts.

When abuse happens,  we often blame ourselves and this can invite the spirits of abandonment, rejection, and self hate. Instead of allowing the Lord to heal what has happened, the enemy can continue to torture you over and over with blame.

Demons like to make themselves at home to stay. In order to make their stay more permanent, they set up strongholds: fear, anger, rejection, depression, self-hatred, and abuse.  To make you even more miserable (and, they do love that), they can start to dominate areas of your life. They can give you feelings of bitterness and resentment, condemnation and worthlessness, doubt and unbelief, guilt and shame, hate and rage. All of these can eventually lead to destruction and death.

As you can  see, demons can enter in many ways, and can eventually lead to very bad consequences. You can help take some basic steps to your freedom by reading these prayers. For further help regarding your freedom, please feel free to contact us!

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